Winning the Bid

Lately we have been asked “how do you get the jobs?” or for help in general about winning bids. We started thinking this would be a good topic for a blog post so here it is. We want to share some experiences we have had this year. In this market we have architects and building firms needing to include engraving as part of their design and services. Detail by detail we helped CNC PRO owners meet these needs.

We are super proud of the work Brett Hargroder of Stonewall Architectural Concrete as he is winning bids and doing amazing work in a short time owning a CNC PRO.


Learn the Specifications/Blue Print requirements.

Project Blue Print on a project Stonewall Architectural Concrete is working on.

Our clients are looking for precision and maintenance free results.  The CNC PRO is being specified on the blueprints and plans for jobs worldwide. More and more, this will be the way things are going to be done.  Projects start with an estimate and effective processes must be put in place to ensure that design and assumptions used to calculate work to be done are fair and the rate is quoted. Be sure to nail the proposal requirements.

The CNC PRO is good with showing those specific requirements that have helped a few owners win big bids. Many of our owners have won bids because they are able to meet the details needed.


Create a Sample (POC)


Having a sample is a type of proof of concept that helps you win. You can even show the client how you can modify cutting angles and depth to ensure their vision of the design is executed. This way you can communicate with the client visually how you can complete the project which creates a WOW effect. When we bring an example of the project with something like a backer board to the table, they are impressed because they can touch and feel the project. This can help set you apart from the other bids.

John Clark sample for the Ebetsu Plaza Touchstone Fundraiser for the Gresham Japanese Garden Tsuru Island Project
Sample Henry Ashworth made when winning a job for ISolve logo.

Submit the Bid


You need to bid smart and within the due date expected. Make sure you understand budget and timeline expectations as well as building in some contingency pieces in case of delay or problems with availability of materials and space.  Not all jobs are created equal and knowing how to bid smart by finding projects that are a good fit both professionally and financially is key to ultimate success.

We have spent a lot of time and money on developing a simple bid spread sheet for our client to use so they are up and running from day one.

Project Blue Print on a project Stonewall Architectural Concrete is working on.

We have clients that want to do prospecting before they get their machine. For 10% down we give you all the info and data you need to start on the right foot. It is in our best interest that you understand the opportunity that is in front of you.


This is the best time to start because we are at the bottom of the curve and market is just starting to take off. We are excited for future and what is to come.


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