CNC PRO Leather

We appreciate our CNC PRO owners because they help push the envelope of what is possible.

For anyone wondering, “Can the CNC PRO can work on leather?” The answer is yes.

Michael Wanco of Bolder Engraving has some great tips on CNC PRO leather work.


  1. Find thick leather to work with.

(Tip: Check with a local shoe repair shop and ask them for a few scraps of their thickest leather.)

  1. Stretch the leather across a piece of wood and screw it in place.

(Tip: It’s worth making a specifically sized wood jig for multiple similar projects.)

  1. Change out the bit to one for leather.


  1. Take one of those many busted end mill bits you have, flip it around and grind the end to a rounded (ball nose) profile.55373388771--1E19DBC2-927A-4DEA-A396-0BA12D79B28A
  2. Use the ball nose tool profile and start out with 0.01 depth. Set your feed rate to 60-70%, and your spindle speed wide open.



The CNC PRO is designed as a machine that can engrave on multiple surfaces. Leather is now officially added to the list of possibilities. Thank YOU Bolder Engraving.

Please Note: They are also a CNC PRO distributor for North and South Carolina. If you want to see Micheal in action, please check out his Facebook Page: Bolder Engraving Facebook


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