Featuring Recent Projects: Summer 2018

Thought it would be interesting if we featured some random projects with the CNC PRO this summer. We want to show case some other uses of the machine that is helping its owners expand the possibilities. We are learning everyday just how much the CNC PRO can do with a quick change in bits and adjustments in the passes. Hope you enjoy.


Engraving on Marble

John Corallo, new owner in the NYC area. He tested his first piece of 12×12 piece of marble.


TIP: please use water when working with marble to ensure clean cuts.


Engraving a Cooler

Michael Wanco of Bolder Engraving

Tip: Key to these is slow and steady. Even a brand-new cooler is not perfectly level. Put a straight edge on it to find your high and low spots. Run 0.01” depth. Adjust by 0.005” to get what you need. Coolers are no thicker than 3/16


Engraving Granite

Henry Ashworth, founder of RedArt Technologies


Granite 1/8 deep 6 passes using a concrete bit RedArt Technologies provides


Engraving Sidewalks

Ralph Hansel, Trainer for RedArt Technologies 

Poetry engraving on the sidewalks at Michigan State University. Head of the science department was so impressed they ordered more work.


Creating Custom Corn Hole Boards

Jeremy and Morgana Dundon of Dundon Creative.

This was the Dundons first attempt and they learned a lot from the process. Great thing is many people love the “Fall Out” theme and has been asking for other video game inspired Corn Hole boards. They had a great time using them on their camping trip. Looks like they are going to be very busy.


There are more full projects that we will be blogging about in the weeks to come. Just thought it would be fun to share a couple that shows the range of the CNC PRO. We learn everyday more things to share with our community. LEARN TEACH LEARN is a great thing we do here. It’s great knowing the founder, Henry Ashworth, is always available to answer questions from bidding a job to fixing areas you might need help with. Looking forward to sharing the bigger projects soon.


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