Business in a Box

The CNC PRO likes to think of itself as a business in a box. Part due to the fact the whole set up from computer to parts fits safely in a military grade box. This way the CNC PRO can be transported from job site to job site safely and effectively.


The business part is also the training and support you get from RedArt Technologies. This part is what we want to focus on for our blog post.

Lately people having been asking if we are offering a franchise. The answer is no. That got us to look into franchise a little more and look deeper if we should consider it or not.

Spoiler Alert: No we don’t want to franchise

Okay, so what is a franchise?


According to the International Franchise Association, one of the oldest franchising organizations:

“Franchising is simply a method for expanding a business and distributing goods and services through a licensing relationship.  In franchising, franchisors (a person or company that grants the license to a third party for the conducting of a business under their marks) not only specify the products and services that will be offered by the franchisees (a person or company who is granted the license to do business under the trademark and trade name by the franchisor), but also provide them with an operating system, brand and support”.

Credit: A brief separate glossary of franchising terms is available on IFA’s website at

So, what does all that mean? Well the person purchasing into the franchise gets branding and support but at the same time they are pretty much under contract so there are some rules they will need to follow.

  • You are associated with the franchiser’s trademark
  • You pay an initial and/or continuing fee for the right to start and remain in the business
  • They control or provides assistance to you

When talking to potential customers of the CNC PRO, some of them have expressed their experience with franchises. We have heard stories of large investments, on going fees and not having the control to name their own company. Not everything was bad as they got training, and some start up help, but still there were hoops to jump through as well as a limited territory controlling some of their growth.


Not all franchise opportunities are the same. Some are amazing. It’s just not something we are interested in doing.

So what is the CNC PRO doing?

IMG_5167 (1)

We are not just selling a machine; we offer a full package that includes training, 24/7 support and some light marketing help. Kind of like what franchise offers but with no on-going fees, low overhead and, more importantly, no contracts controlling your business.

Here is an overview of what you get:

  • CNC Pro Engraving Machine in a military grade travel case.
  • Laptop with pre-loaded software
  • 10 diamond impregnated bits
  • One day Training, Remote or in person at our location (we will come to you at an additional charge).
  • 24/7 Support and Service and access to engineers
  • Data package with some Marketing Supports
  • 1-year warranty on all components


One of the biggest values is we are a community that help each other. We share as much as we can to help people achieve goals quickly.

Many people that have investing in us will testify to the training and support our founder Henry Ashworth gives. He does this as he sincerely wants people to develop skills as they follow their passion.

RedArt Team (Eugene Oregon Team)

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