Behind the Video

I thought it would be interesting to talk about one of the most popular videos from RedArt Technologies. It is the one most seen on Facebook and generates the most interest and questions.

Idea: Engrave on Epoxy

The idea for the project started when Henry was doing a job. He had extra epoxy left over and thought of a plan to show the CNC PRO working on epoxy. He knew this was important as other machines could get clogged up by the epoxy. He thought to pour the epoxy on a 12 x 12 ft pad. Now that he had a canvas to work with, the next step was the design.


Working the Design

Designing this logo is was super simple. Henry went on a search via the internet to find an image in a Jpeg file and found the skull design he liked. At the same time Henry also worked on his logo design. His idea was influenced by research he did on an ancient practice of Visual Arts, hence where RedArt comes from. He then uploaded it to his computer and created an all over redesign with the RedArt Technologies logo and imported it into Vcarve Pro. One of the reasons he liked Vcarve was it provides over 3,000 different fonts to choose from. From that he was able to customize the design what he wanted and place it exactly where he wanted it.


Design to Engraving

Once the design is complete, it’s time to change into vectors that can be programmed into the CNC PRO. What is vector in relation to engraving? Vector engraving is a method of marking or scoring a material surface. It is best when you use black and white images or simple line art. What we are doing with the software is transforming the image to something the program can use to make the engraving. This process is what RedArt Technologies trains on when you purchase the CNC PRO. From Vcarve the program moves into Mach3 for the actual milling process.



Scale any Size

RedArt Technologies has developed a proprietary system that allows the CNC PRO to move around and connect with precision and control. With the patented design of the frame creating a floating Z, scaling jobs to the needs of the client is possible. In this video you can see Henry moving the machine to markers as programmed by the CNC PRO. There are grid marks and additional tips Henry shares in his training. He has some great techniques that allows test run (ghost passing) and how to zero out before making an engraving pass. Many CNC PRO users also share their process so there is a lot of help for anyone to hone their own method.


Final Touches

Once the engraving was completed, Henry mixed up some black epoxy and filled in what was engraved out (outlines). This epoxy on epoxy effect was polished smooth creating a stunning affect.


The project took a total of 8 hours to complete. If you are wondering what this pays out, one can get $12,500.00 on this size with the epoxy and finishing including sealing. This makes it easy to see how big the return on your investment can be on a day’s work.



Extra on the Bits:

RedArt Technologies searched a long time to find the bits we use. You may use whichever bits you might like however we do recommend the ones we used in this video. We have had others send bits to try that were diamond coated which do not last long. When you buy the CNC Pro you will get 10 diamond impregnated concrete bits. You can get anywhere between 15 to 50 hours out of these bits.  We sell these $20 each when you need more. That is a great value.







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