Stone Engraving: CNC PRO Way

People often ask us, “Can RedArt Technologies CNC PRO engrave on stone?” Our answer is HECK YEAH! Our founder has been engraving on rocks for a few years and fine tuning the process. One of our favorite stories right now is our latest CNC PRO owners Jenny and Scott Sanford of Sanford & Sons Lawn Care and Landscaping.


Jenny and Scott have a solid business as landscapers as well as part of a franchise that makes custom boulders. They have had good success with their business and love making boulders. Jenny was looking for something that would improve their process because she came across some challenges with some of the larger projects they started to get. Many of the engravings they do are a manual process using stamps or hand carving work.

 “We spent HOURS trying to get each individual letter/number lined up.”


Some of the challenges they were coming up with were lining up the letters and shaping images while wanting to deliver top quality work within a deadline. Jenny and Scott pride themselves with top quality work and only want the best for their clients. That is when they started to investigate other possibilities for delivering designs on rocks. Working with textures and uneven surfaces provides challenges.

When I came upon the CNC PRO website my first thought was this is too good to be true.”

After spending a few hours watching the videos and talking it over with others, Jenny decided to take a chance with the CNC PRO. Working with Henry Ashworth, founder of RedArt Technologies, she took the next step and purchased the CNC PRO. She watched the tutorial videos as well as called Henry when she had a question about the uneven surface she needed to work with.

He told me how to set up the “floating Z”.  It has changed our lives.”

Engraving Video



Their first project with the CNC PRO turned out to be an amazing success. The job the CNC PRO did was better than what they were doing by hand as well as faster. The processes of adding the images and fonts in the software was easy. Once the CNC PRO started engraving they were able to ensure all letters were clean and deep. Not only did the machine work better than what she was doing by hand, she also noticed she was able to multitask while the CNC PRO was working.

 “The CNC PRO was doing the engraving which allowed me to work on invoices and other business administrative need which saved me time.”

Since owning the CNC PRO, they can bid more jobs faster. They can add more graphics and show a growing portfolio landing them more business contracts, making more money in the end.

IMG_5282 (1)

Floating Z

The CNC PRO steps it up with the ability to do both horizontal and vertical surfaces. The success of that comes from the innovative thinking that is the floating Z. The Z-Axis is normally a fixed piece. The CNC PRO has a floating head design can be unlocked allowing it to adjust to the engraving surface. Part of the training RedArt Technologies offer includes how to make the necessary adjustments to utilize this feature.



Other Projects

Here are some other projects done on stone with the CNC PRO.

Be sure to call if you have any questions: 1-855-926-2776

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