A&B Custom Engraving: CNC PRO Spotlight Owners

This week we want to focus on a CNC PRO owner our of Sunset Utah. A year ago, two lifelong career concrete cutters decided to purchase the CNC PRO from RedArt Technologies. The timing of the investment was interesting as they recently purchased new homes for their growing families. A&B Custom Engraving, consisting of Adam Jacoby and Brody Cummings, decided to take that chance and give it all they got.

The idea was a bit crazy, but with the assistance of a high interest loan we were able to get the machine.



As concrete cutters, they were used to being able to switch up to a different specification of diamond bit for harder or softer materials. They had to learn a new skill set for the CNC PRO and engraving. They said it felt like a large learning curve dealing with a single bit engraving machine. To understand this, you should know what a concrete cutter is. The job takes a lot of patience and precision and these are the people that cut openings in concrete, using special saws/drills that leave an attractive finish. Transforming from a manual process to one the machine does can be challenging. What we appreciate about A&B Custom Engraving is that their strong skill set in understanding aggregates in concrete and stone gives them a leg up on understanding what designs work on each project.

Henry brought us in and gave us some solid training to get us on our way. I must say, the support that came with the machine has been pretty amazing.

Adam and Brody, along with some patience, were able to build the skills and create some amazing projects. They started with some pavers and now have expanded to working with granite. Recently they have won an impressive large project that should launch them to the next level with the University of Utah Botanical Gardens Research Center. All it took was some old fashioned word of mouth and willingness to reach out to people that would be interested in engraving.

I saw a guy in the yard of my day job that had a “rock structures” logo on the side of his truck. I asked him if he ever had a need for an engraving service and he said no but he knew a guy that did. Then four months later the manager of the botanical gardens called my partner looking for a bid.


Things have been going well for well for A&B Custom Engraving. They not only engrave in concrete/stone but they have some amazing wood projects as well. They can work on small custom projects as well as large scale projects. They show people that you can learn and grow with a passion to work in engraving.

This machine is amazing, and if you have the time and imagination to put it to use, the sky is literally the limit!

We absolutely enjoy watching people rise up and make things happen with the CNC PRO. When they are successful, we feel successful. This is why we believe our training and support helps the CNC PRO to stand out.


Contact Information for A&B Custom Engraving

Phone: (801) 989-0779 or email: abcustomengraving@gmail.com


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