Dealing with Dust

The CNC PRO is designed to be on site and work in places like a construction environment. There are many elements that can cause issues; we have found that our biggest problem is concrete dust. It is super fine and can get into some of the working components of the CNC PRO. If dust is not properly maintained it will cause improper wear.

There are two main components that are affected by fine dust, the Router and Pillow Blocks.



Consider this, by the nature of the router it sucks air from the bottom where the bit is cutting and is funneled. The air being funneled is meant to cool it down. Unfortunately, the dust being sucked in will prematurely wear out the bearing on the shaft of the router.

Tip: We recommend keeping an extra router or two with the machine. This way if any issues arise from the current router, you can quickly change it out in 60 sec.


Pillow Blocks20180725_090625.jpg


What are the pillow blocks? They are the blocks that allow the machine to be put together and taken apart while staying square with precision. These blocks have many small steel balls in them (helps them move) and we and found that concrete dust will get inside these blocks and bind up, so they have improper wear.

Tip:  It is imperative that we clean these blocks every 10 hours and keep them clean and lubricated.


Here are two solutions to help combat dust: Dry lube and vacuum plates.


Dry LubeDSC_0069

Dry Lube is imperative to helping combat the problems of fine dust.  You need to use the Dry Lube over using regular WD-40. Here’s why; the dry lube doesn’t attract the dust and regular WD-40 will attract the dust.

Tip: We recommend that you disassemble the CNC PRO to properly clean and lube all the parts.


Vacuum Plate


Vacuum plate is something we advise you to use. There are many different types of vacuum plates (ask RedArt Technologies for the one we have). The vacuum plate will help keep the fine dust and particulate matter from getting on the components of the CNC PRO.  They can be easily attached.

Tip: It is a good practice to vacuum your work space as you engrave to help control the debris in the area. A clean work space is safer for you and the CNC PRO.

We at RedArt Technologies want to provide education, training as well as helpful advise that makes all our users feel supported. If you have additional questions about dust or other job site concerns with the CNC PRO, let us know.


RedArt Team Member : Adam the Web Guy

Earlier this year we needed to revamp the RedArt Technologies website. Knowing that investing in the right person with strong skills who enjoys doing websites was important. Finding someone that loved the CNC PRO was huge. We are lucky to have met Adam Burner.

Adam currently works for a security software company as well as being a website designer. He has many clients from running sports companies, private organizations as well as tech companies However, there was a time Adam once laid floor tile. Even though he loves tech, there is still a very hands on drive Adam has which drew him to the CNC PRO last fall. As fate will have it, Adam is now the website design/manager for the RedArt Technology website AND a proud owner of the CNC PRO.


Best part is, Adam is a natural and he picked up engraving extremely quickly. Adam has not only learned the software (no surprise there) but also listening to the CNC PRO as it is engraving to hear for adjustments he might make during an engraving session. He found with some designs, when the larger areas need to be engraved out to speed up the machine to improve the look of the bigger spaces. This works as it helps soften the engraving tracks.

Adam (1)

Adam is enjoying engraving on concrete and wood. Lately he is enjoying making signs for around the home as well as personalized gifts. Working in the Tech industry, he has a knack for swag people would want in terms of computer gaming and movies. He says he learned a few ‘hacks” that has made his engraving better. One of which was to use a sander after you engrave to ensure the surface is smooth and clean. He likes to do paint in some of the things he engraves to add color.


Tip: When working with wood, you can save money going to a paint department and look for steeply discounted paint samples returned. The store wants to unload them super cheap.

RedArt Technologies is super proud of Adam. It shows that everyone from founder to web guy that we are very invested into the CNC PRO. This machine gets a lot of interest because it deserves it. It is easy to get started and the passion Henry (founder) has is contagious to us all.


After all… how could you not love our founder?



Trade or Home Shows for the WIN!

We are super proud of the recent success CNC PRO owners Josh and Samantha Dressler (of ETCH AZ) had at a recent Home show and it inspired us to talk about how to grow your business with a Home/Trade show. We have had a few CNC PRO owners see their business take off after investing in a show. Let us share some tips to help as we have done home shows and trade shows alike.

Josh and Samantha Dressler from ETCH at a Home Show July 2018
Henry Ashworth founder of RedArt Technologies at WOC


Many shows offer a planning guide, many times called a prospectus. It is a good idea to check it out as it will have times for set up, security, and general audience information. There are also offers in it for advertising opportunities like signs and promotional stand outs. Depending on budget it might be worth it. We have found that paying for some promotional upgrades, like event website stand outs, can help the audience find you better. There are sometimes live events you can help sponsor that will drive traffic to your booth. Either way it is a good thing to read and study to help you succeed at their show.

Tip from Josh: Location is key “the booth location was key as we wanted a main aisle and corner booth. Luckily, we got both and were placed next to a very popular nursery booth, so we got great traffic all weekend”.

Tip from RedArt Technologies: “Pay the extra for your logo to stand out on the floor directory. Some shows will have over 100 vendors. If you’re just a name, people can overlook you. If your logo is on the directory, you can get noticed better”.


What kind of people should be at the show? Are you attracting homeowners or professional firms? Knowing who is the primary traffic that will be at the show helps you prepare to market to them. If it is an area crazy for a sports team, then have their logos in your booth. Are you targeting architects? Then have some blue prints around showing how you can spec a job. Are you targeting home owners? Then have family friendly looking displays. Knowing your audience makes sure you are not wasting your time at the event.

Tip from RedArt Technologies: “Knowing your audience helps you target them. We have been to both home shows and big events like World of Concrete. We can say our approach for both shows is different and helps us decide how we are going to present and set a budget for the best ROI (return on investment)”.



You want to grab people’s attention, so they want to investigate you. You can get advice from design experts as they will give you tips on colors or how to make your booth interesting with special design, or just ask someone you know that has done a few shows. RedArt Technologies community is always willing to help each other with ideas. You don’t want to look like a student set up but a polished professional business. You also want to have some marketing materials included with relation to booth design.

Tip from Josh: “We had business cards, postcards and “info sheets” with pictures, plus have a brochure with pics of the different things the machine can do”.

Tip from RedArt Technologies: “Get people in and walk around. Make it interactive as we like to run the machine and trigger their vision”.

Booth by Bolder Engraving that yielded them great sucess


A lot of people are on social media watching for events and wanting to connect with companies. Never underestimate the power of pre-show promoting to get your audience to want to look for you before the gates even open. We at RedArt make sure to use our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts to announce where we are going to be and encourage people to stop by. While at the event we will do LIVE broadcasts and record conversations we might use after the event.

Tip from RedArt Technologies: “Social Media is our bread and butter of marketing. Get a following and let them know where you will be. Make it easy and make it fun”.

Tip from Josh: “We aggressively promoted the “mobile” aspect of the machine. Telling them we could engrave on existing surfaces like concrete etc. business logos, etc. Most of the people that understood it went crazy and their heads immediately started thinking. That was my main goal for this show, to get them thinking and create a buzz about the capabilities of the machine”.

STAND OUT (goodies to gimmicks)

People love swag. You will have people that will stop by your booth looking for swag so don’t let them down. At the same time, be smart about what you have to offer. It’s good to have some cheaper items like pens or branded candy. Then also reserve some bigger swag to offer to some potential customers to remember you by. You could even have an object that you might want to auction off to get people really interested in your company as everyone likes the idea of winning something. Think about your audience and what kind of swag you could offer that helps you stand out and they will remember you.

Tip from RedArt Technologies: “Have some pricy swag to the side for the right targets. We found out the hard way that some swag can cost more and clients know when they are treated special. Pens are fun but custom coins and electronics can make an impression that leads to a sale for the right target”.

Tip from Josh: “We had a “show special” of a 32″x24″ flagstone address marker for $150 (which normally goes for $250-$350). We sold a ton of those which even at that price we still made money and created a buzz. We are still getting calls over a week later”.

The Give Away ETCH did at their Home Show
Running the CNC PRO during WOC helped bring people into the booth


It is not always enough to just talk about what you do, you have to show them. Have some pieces of work that can wow the crowd. This is where knowing your audience is helpful as you can have examples that get someone to want to buy. With engraving you can have samples of different surfaces like concrete pavers, metal or plastics to show your range. You would want to select designs like sports teams or pop culture pieces (music, movies, cultural connection) that would spark interest and ideas. We like having the CNC PRO in our booth and demonstrate how it works. Of course there are restrictions to noise at some shows, but we can still put our machine in a mode that has it move with minimum noise.

Tip from RedArt Technologies: “Sample as much as you can. Concrete, metal, wood and more. When customers see and touch the possibilities you expand what is possible in their minds”.

Tip from Josh: “Having plenty of samples helped us get a few good leads on long term monthly revenue type work and if those come to fruition it could be worth at minimum $100k/year in easy revenue and a couple large concrete engraving jobs per year”.

Samples from Ralph Hansel



Try not to do a show alone. Have a few people with you that believe in your company and understand what you are about. Engraving is an interesting trade. The CNC PRO is very different, and people really seem to respond to the idea of portable engraving services. USE IT. Be sure to have a staff that is prepped with conversation initiators and engagement techniques that will get potential customers to ask questions and grow interest. The best recommendation is to have your staff stand up, walk around and not have their cell phones out. Instead maybe have a couple tablets in hand with some pictures and a program to take notes. Also, if possible, have some shirts with your logo made up for everyone to wear so you look like a polished team. A little investment in branding can go a long way.


Ralph Hansel, Henry Ashworth and Morgana Dundon from WOC 2018

Success is a big victory we want all CNC PRO owners to experience. We are happy to share more tips to help make trade shows a win as it is a great way to expand this market. We have a couple of other CNC PRO owners that have had great success like Bolder Engraving and ETCH. We have other up-coming owners getting ready to have their first show soon.

Plus… Have some fun and attend any after parties you can as you are also there to network.

If you need engraving work in AZ please check out the FaceBook page for ETCH:

If you need work in SC check out Bolder Engraving:

For other states contact us at RedArt Technologies:


CNC PRO Leather

We appreciate our CNC PRO owners because they help push the envelope of what is possible.

For anyone wondering, “Can the CNC PRO can work on leather?” The answer is yes.

Michael Wanco of Bolder Engraving has some great tips on CNC PRO leather work.


  1. Find thick leather to work with.

(Tip: Check with a local shoe repair shop and ask them for a few scraps of their thickest leather.)

  1. Stretch the leather across a piece of wood and screw it in place.

(Tip: It’s worth making a specifically sized wood jig for multiple similar projects.)

  1. Change out the bit to one for leather.


  1. Take one of those many busted end mill bits you have, flip it around and grind the end to a rounded (ball nose) profile.55373388771--1E19DBC2-927A-4DEA-A396-0BA12D79B28A
  2. Use the ball nose tool profile and start out with 0.01 depth. Set your feed rate to 60-70%, and your spindle speed wide open.



The CNC PRO is designed as a machine that can engrave on multiple surfaces. Leather is now officially added to the list of possibilities. Thank YOU Bolder Engraving.

Please Note: They are also a CNC PRO distributor for North and South Carolina. If you want to see Micheal in action, please check out his Facebook Page: Bolder Engraving Facebook


Winning the Bid

Lately we have been asked “how do you get the jobs?” or for help in general about winning bids. We started thinking this would be a good topic for a blog post so here it is. We want to share some experiences we have had this year. In this market we have architects and building firms needing to include engraving as part of their design and services. Detail by detail we helped CNC PRO owners meet these needs.

We are super proud of the work Brett Hargroder of Stonewall Architectural Concrete as he is winning bids and doing amazing work in a short time owning a CNC PRO.


Learn the Specifications/Blue Print requirements.

Project Blue Print on a project Stonewall Architectural Concrete is working on.

Our clients are looking for precision and maintenance free results.  The CNC PRO is being specified on the blueprints and plans for jobs worldwide. More and more, this will be the way things are going to be done.  Projects start with an estimate and effective processes must be put in place to ensure that design and assumptions used to calculate work to be done are fair and the rate is quoted. Be sure to nail the proposal requirements.

The CNC PRO is good with showing those specific requirements that have helped a few owners win big bids. Many of our owners have won bids because they are able to meet the details needed.


Create a Sample (POC)


Having a sample is a type of proof of concept that helps you win. You can even show the client how you can modify cutting angles and depth to ensure their vision of the design is executed. This way you can communicate with the client visually how you can complete the project which creates a WOW effect. When we bring an example of the project with something like a backer board to the table, they are impressed because they can touch and feel the project. This can help set you apart from the other bids.

John Clark sample for the Ebetsu Plaza Touchstone Fundraiser for the Gresham Japanese Garden Tsuru Island Project
Sample Henry Ashworth made when winning a job for ISolve logo.

Submit the Bid


You need to bid smart and within the due date expected. Make sure you understand budget and timeline expectations as well as building in some contingency pieces in case of delay or problems with availability of materials and space.  Not all jobs are created equal and knowing how to bid smart by finding projects that are a good fit both professionally and financially is key to ultimate success.

We have spent a lot of time and money on developing a simple bid spread sheet for our client to use so they are up and running from day one.

Project Blue Print on a project Stonewall Architectural Concrete is working on.

We have clients that want to do prospecting before they get their machine. For 10% down we give you all the info and data you need to start on the right foot. It is in our best interest that you understand the opportunity that is in front of you.


This is the best time to start because we are at the bottom of the curve and market is just starting to take off. We are excited for future and what is to come.


Finding Independence

Recently it was 4th of July here in the United States. Must say this year this holiday struck us at RedArt Technologies as a very important holiday as it is about independence here in America. We are proud of the CNC PRO being an American company build on the American spirit as all our machines are hand assembled in Utah by owner/founder Henry Ashworth. He believes the odds of being a human right now at this time in history is 1 + 4 trillion so we basically won the lottery with “we got one life, we got one chance” philosophy.

IMG_5167 (1).jpg

We are at a great cross road, to work for someone or work for ourselves. More and more people are taking the opportunity for self-independence to work for themselves. Right now, this is a great time to be a small business. People with trade skills as towards the top when it comes to taking this chance as confirmed in this article for  The Best Small Businesses Opportunities for 2018

Something to think about “40% of current tradespeople will be retiring in the next decade, creating a huge demand for talented workers in trades”. Engraving is a great trade.


Entrepreneurship is on the rise. In an article in Forbes magazine, 2018 is a great time to take this leap, Five Entrepreneurship Insights To Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet. Author Erica Nicole reminds us that taking a chance is scary but staying the course and not making changes does not allow us to grow “yesterday’s ways aren’t guaranteed to produce tomorrow’s results”. What it takes to be an entrepreneur is to see an opportunity and take it. The closer you are to the startup piece of the opportunity, the better the payoff can be.


At RedArt Technologies, we witnessed an opportunity and we want to help you exploit it. Portable engraving services with concrete, metal, wood, rock and other surfaces. Many companies have found a way through the recent business recession and ready to invest in their branding. We know that our CNC PRO portable engraving machine is responding a growing need for engraving services. Companies are asking for logos or designs. Architects are needing engraving for some of their big projects. Small companies are seeing growth in out of the box opportunities like memorials and community projects.

Claim Your Independence

We have seen some great success stories in the last year with a few CNC PRO certified owners. Over the next couple of months, we will tell their stories of how they were able to transform their life and business using passion and an opportunity to become independent. It feels good to be a part of the American spirit that continues to make USA so strong.

At RedArt Technologies we believe in using the technology that we have at our fingertips to help us advance towards better things. The CNC Pro not only lets you be artistic but lets you offers customers a beautiful gift and that is your expression.

In the meantime, here is an interview with Henry and one of our newest CNC PRO owners Brett of Stonewall Architectural Concrete .We honestly want to see people succeed. We prove it with top training and true support. Henry traveled to Baton Rouge to provide personal training and job support as there was a huge job on the line. We can happily say the value here as we watch their business grow.

Project Profile: Hogle Zoo Memorial Wood Planks

I thought it would be fun to talk about a wood engraving project that yielded success. It was the first big project for CNC PRO founder Henry Ashworth. The Hogel Zoo is located in Utah at the mouth of Emigration Canyon. Opened in 1931, it has 42 acres of tree-lined pathways where visitors can view over 800 animals. It offers education, conservation and events.


Like many Zoos, the Hogel Zoo relies a lot on its donors. Some of these donations are come in a form of a beneficiary on person’s retirement plan, life insurance, from an estate or even donated time. These activities help fund the education programs and maintain the animal’s habitats and food.

Henry learned that the donor program needed to have 6000 names engraved in 380 wood planks. He had a great time working on this project. He received a list of names he programmed into VcarvePro as well as other specs about the amount of surface he had from board to board.

There was an additional challenge of uneven ground. Henry was able to bring the CNC PRO on level to the bridge and adjust the machine accordingly to accomplish the job. It would be fair to say other CNC machines may not be able to engrave and keep their depth correct because of the unevenness of the planks. The CNC PRO has a floating Z axis to make the required adjustments. Henry used a 1/8 end mill wood bit for the engraving.

Everything was going well as people watched his progress. Then someone let Henry know an additional detail about the names he was engraving. They were not just donors but also people that have passed away. He was in fact working on a memorial project. He got to hear incredible stories about some of the people who graciously donated to the Zoo. Attending the opening was a very emotional experience.

It was a beautiful experience to be able to do and be a part of. I love my job when I can be a part of somebody’s Memorial and help honor loved ones” Henry Ashworth