RedArt Team Member : Adam the Web Guy

Earlier this year we needed to revamp the RedArt Technologies website. Knowing that investing in the right person with strong skills who enjoys doing websites was important. Finding someone that loved the CNC PRO was huge. We are lucky to have met Adam Burner.

Adam currently works for a security software company as well as being a website designer. He has many clients from running sports companies, private organizations as well as tech companies However, there was a time Adam once laid floor tile. Even though he loves tech, there is still a very hands on drive Adam has which drew him to the CNC PRO last fall. As fate will have it, Adam is now the website design/manager for the RedArt Technology website AND a proud owner of the CNC PRO.


Best part is, Adam is a natural and he picked up engraving extremely quickly. Adam has not only learned the software (no surprise there) but also listening to the CNC PRO as it is engraving to hear for adjustments he might make during an engraving session. He found with some designs, when the larger areas need to be engraved out to speed up the machine to improve the look of the bigger spaces. This works as it helps soften the engraving tracks.

Adam (1)

Adam is enjoying engraving on concrete and wood. Lately he is enjoying making signs for around the home as well as personalized gifts. Working in the Tech industry, he has a knack for swag people would want in terms of computer gaming and movies. He says he learned a few ‘hacks” that has made his engraving better. One of which was to use a sander after you engrave to ensure the surface is smooth and clean. He likes to do paint in some of the things he engraves to add color.


Tip: When working with wood, you can save money going to a paint department and look for steeply discounted paint samples returned. The store wants to unload them super cheap.

RedArt Technologies is super proud of Adam. It shows that everyone from founder to web guy that we are very invested into the CNC PRO. This machine gets a lot of interest because it deserves it. It is easy to get started and the passion Henry (founder) has is contagious to us all.


After all… how could you not love our founder?



CNC PRO Leather

We appreciate our CNC PRO owners because they help push the envelope of what is possible.

For anyone wondering, “Can the CNC PRO can work on leather?” The answer is yes.

Michael Wanco of Bolder Engraving has some great tips on CNC PRO leather work.


  1. Find thick leather to work with.

(Tip: Check with a local shoe repair shop and ask them for a few scraps of their thickest leather.)

  1. Stretch the leather across a piece of wood and screw it in place.

(Tip: It’s worth making a specifically sized wood jig for multiple similar projects.)

  1. Change out the bit to one for leather.


  1. Take one of those many busted end mill bits you have, flip it around and grind the end to a rounded (ball nose) profile.55373388771--1E19DBC2-927A-4DEA-A396-0BA12D79B28A
  2. Use the ball nose tool profile and start out with 0.01 depth. Set your feed rate to 60-70%, and your spindle speed wide open.



The CNC PRO is designed as a machine that can engrave on multiple surfaces. Leather is now officially added to the list of possibilities. Thank YOU Bolder Engraving.

Please Note: They are also a CNC PRO distributor for North and South Carolina. If you want to see Micheal in action, please check out his Facebook Page: Bolder Engraving Facebook